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holiday party extravaganza

jesse’s and my work holiday parties were back-to-back this week, and we brought each other as guests, usually introduced as “hi, this is my roommate (not gf/bf) ali/jesse.”
some differences in how a stodgy news magazine and the RIAA operate, at least on the holiday party level.

usnews: tony and joe’s, a nice georgetown waterfront restaurant. all 150 of us had the place to ourselves.
RIAA: ibiza, a “high-energy hotspot” with two separate rooms, a 2nd level balcony and, a rooftop patio that fit the lobbying group and all its 1,000 or so closest friends like the MPAA, soundexchange and etc. this place occasionally hosts foam parties.

usnews: very solid and tasty, maybe 10 choices or so. great carrot cake.
RIAA: about 20 different choices, every genre imaginable, and a chocolate fountain. but their shrimp wasn’t as big.

usnews: free wine and beer from 6-9.
RIAA: free everything from 5-10. top shelf mixed drinks and jaeger bombs included.

usnews: slacks and a button down for men, black dresses for women.
RIAA: slutty.

typical conversation
usnews: “it just distresses me that the bush administration insists on promoting manned flight. i mean, deep space and dark energy is where it’s at.”
RIAA: “dude, his wife just had a baby and she is smoking. my wife better be that hot after popping one out.”

usnews: big cam and the lifters, a cover band featuring a former usnews copy editor as their keyboardist
RIAA: wyclef jean. for real.

visual proof


good times.

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  1. J-Ho said:

    USNews needs to get its priorities straight. Y’all spend way too much time worrying about, ya know, journalism and writing and shit that you’re missing out on all the dead presidents that are to be had. Take a page from Lil Wayne – and the RIAA, obvs – and get that money. Or find a rich person to sponsor your holiday party like we did.

  2. Jina said:

    jesse’s job is cooler than your’s.

  3. Too Much Skunk In Your Junk » the “recession? what recession? holiday party” said:

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  4. Mandie said:

    Seems to me :A few short months ago we were told Hobama’s ragitns were at an all time low NOW were being told he has over 50% of all voters Who’s zoomin who !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!!?!?!?

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