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benazir bhutto

i’m about to slip into perilously “serious talk” right now, but i’ve been having a hard time shaking the assassination of bhutto this past week. i’m terrified to see what happens to pakistan in the next weeks/months/years without her. she wasn’t perfect and she wasn’t even good (in the moral definition of the word), but does pakistan have a chance without her?
but it’s not even fear of the country’s future that gets me the most. it’s the loss of a truly brave woman. her “extraordinary degree of physical courage” was remarkable, and not just “for a woman.” it’s the kind of exceptional courage that is rare and that made her so powerful. it’s also a quality not enough women leaders possess, and now that she’s dead because of it, who knows how long it will be until we see another.
i think what i’m feeling right now can most accurately be described as despair, but i’m sure it will pass as soon as next depressing news item happens. sigh.

christmas joy

shopping isn’t horrible. it’s the parking that is. here is a perfect example of why parking this time of year sucks:

this is a diagram of the target parking lot. the man shown is a chubby waddler who was carrying an overstuffed dunhams bag back to what i was assuming was his car. i did my little SUV stalking move and followed him from basically the target exit, across two lanes of traffic, then almost to the end of the lane–where he then CUT ACROSS THE LANE, presumably looking for his car.

why was this SO annoying? if you notice the drawing, you’ll see that he was walking in the lane farthest to the side. don’t you think if you parked your car in that particular lane, you’d remember? i mean, the guy walked all the way from dunhams, to the last lane, only to double back looking for god knows what.
adding to the irritation was his slow and laborious pace. plus he kept on doing this thing where he was pulling up his pants, but also making it look like he was walking toward a particular car. WRONG EVERY TIME.

i wanted to ram him with my car, but channeling the christmas spirit, i just moved on. more reports of holiday shenanigans to come.

dc public transit loves color-coded emoticons

New York Ave-Florida Ave-Gallaudet U metro stop was super cute the other week.

this is beyond pop/soda

you don’t need to move to a different country to experience culture shock. all you have to do is move away from michigan. this chain email did a lot of the work for me (#5 is one of my faves), but here are two more michigan revelations that have recently blown my mind.

1. did you know there’s no such thing as devil’s and angel’s night outside of detroit? my whole life i truly believed october 30th was synonymous with arson (in the city) and petty vandalism (in the suburbs). imagine my surprise when i found out NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS. no one brings in their pumpkins before sundown on the 30th and no one fears getting the bejesus toilet papered out of their front lawn. also, no one else celebrates only 62 reported fires in one night.

2. only michiganders eat pączki on fat tuesday. have you lived anywhere else where there were so many polish people around? maybe chicago, but down south (dc), the only fried dough we eat are dunkin donuts and krispy kreme. most people couldn’t even tell you what a “poonchky” was.

i clearly am not as cultured as i thought i was.

we’re famous?

usnews makes it on fishbowl dc, and my blog is frighteningly google-able.

utility is king

is it wrong that i genuinely think this is a great idea? asians are so smart sometimes.

the caption on the bottom: “make your children work for their keep”

holiday party extravaganza

jesse’s and my work holiday parties were back-to-back this week, and we brought each other as guests, usually introduced as “hi, this is my roommate (not gf/bf) ali/jesse.”
some differences in how a stodgy news magazine and the RIAA operate, at least on the holiday party level.

usnews: tony and joe’s, a nice georgetown waterfront restaurant. all 150 of us had the place to ourselves.
RIAA: ibiza, a “high-energy hotspot” with two separate rooms, a 2nd level balcony and, a rooftop patio that fit the lobbying group and all its 1,000 or so closest friends like the MPAA, soundexchange and etc. this place occasionally hosts foam parties.

usnews: very solid and tasty, maybe 10 choices or so. great carrot cake.
RIAA: about 20 different choices, every genre imaginable, and a chocolate fountain. but their shrimp wasn’t as big.

usnews: free wine and beer from 6-9.
RIAA: free everything from 5-10. top shelf mixed drinks and jaeger bombs included.

usnews: slacks and a button down for men, black dresses for women.
RIAA: slutty.

typical conversation
usnews: “it just distresses me that the bush administration insists on promoting manned flight. i mean, deep space and dark energy is where it’s at.”
RIAA: “dude, his wife just had a baby and she is smoking. my wife better be that hot after popping one out.”

usnews: big cam and the lifters, a cover band featuring a former usnews copy editor as their keyboardist
RIAA: wyclef jean. for real.

visual proof


good times.

my continuing education

through the work DL, i found out about MIT and yale’s free courses online. my current goal is to take advantage of this soon. we’ll see how motivated i am.