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political round-up: the fabio love edition

i don’t really like writing about politics, but it’ll be hard to avoid in the upcoming weeks. first on the list today is news about political endorsements.

fabio endorses hillary clinton

“She’s so smart. And with her, you’re getting two with one. You know I love women, because I owe my success to women. To me, it will be the biggest reward. I would love for the first time to have a woman president.”
And with Hillary in charge, he says, the Iraqi insurgents better watch out. “When a woman gets pissed off at you, she’s going to get you, you know?”

wow. this is really big.
i just wonder if he will have the same effect on her numbers as he did with fake-butter sales. If obama has oprah (alliteration, how cute) and huckabee got karate chopped in a good way by chuck norris, then hillary needs some comforting too.
as long as the pectorally-gifted man stays away from roller coasters, i think she’ll be all right.

but let’s talk about something serious. the michigan student assembly (umich’s student government) has found itself in ANOTHER scandal. some background: this is the same organization that had 2 people arrested for computer tampering during an apparently successful election fraud campaign and also forced a rep to resign because he sent jerkface e-mails to some overachieving student and her mother.

The concerned mother’s e-mail asked about the availability of activities on campus for students who don’t drink or go to parties. Liner responded to the parent by suggesting that students who don’t enjoy going to parties often join the Board Game Club or “masturbate in the stacks of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library.”
Liner then e-mailed the student, writing: “I thought I’d let you know that your mom is destroying your life. Enjoy!”

the latest transgression seems to be the lesser of the three, but absurd nonetheless.
the MSA president created a secret facebook group that mocked a fellow MSA rep’s asberger’s syndrome.
the group was called, “I waste more time reading Tim Hull’s code amendments than I do on Facebook,” and in the description reads, “I’ll give that kid a fucking disability he can write home about if he keeps sending these code amendments to everyone.” the image “consists of the scribbled words, ‘SHUT UP TIM!'”
here’s a pic of the prez:

you think he looks like an asshole? well, you’d be right. he apologized, calling it a “crass, inappropriate joke.”

“Tim, I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. I’m an asshole.”

but the story only gets odder, since the person who outed him was also in the facebook group, yet is coincidentally running for MSA again next year, but under a party he is starting himself. dude, as lame as the daily was, MSA proves time and again that they are much, much more lame.

and 40 minutes later, i’m done writing this post.


nope, not the guy who stands on the “walk” side of an escalator. rather, it’s a story about turning chicken poo into electricity! north carolina apparently has an abundance of the stuff, and it’s causing “environmental distress.” they should just ship it to their neighbors. it’s what canada does to michigan.

"we may experience some turbulence"

so quoth the pilot on both flights to and from michigan, as he woefully informed us that the bumpy ride would also mean no in-flight drinks. something about the safety of the flight attendants and big rolling carts. i just think the airlines are looking for any excuse to cut corners and stay afloat, figuratively speaking, of course.

instead of drinking delicious watered-down cran-apple, i assumed the always attractive middle seat position: wall street journal placed strategically on my lap, head cricked back, leaned on some rolled-up t-shirts, with my ladylike mouth dangling open. i just hope i didn’t snore.

this is seriously gross

read on to find out what this grotesque pic is about:

nip/tuck fans out there? anyone?

i just caught the third episode of the 5th season (and i can’t believe this show is still on), and i’m basically appalled by what these writers think is character-driven plot. FX’s insane marketing campaign for the show was hardly subtle and, of course, worked on me, but i’m having a hard time relating to these characters. examples:
1. julia (mother figure) is permanently over sean, and is now a lesbian hooking up with portia di rossi. is it just me or has portia been a lesbian in something else? i digress.
2. matt, the 20-ish year old son of julia and sean/christian (paternity test, blah blah), is now crack buddies with kimber, who is a little under twice his age, used to hook up with both his dads, and has had comparable amounts of plastic surgery to joan rivers. oh yeah, they also have a baby together. they also have dirty drug-fueled sex on kitchen floors while their baby cries nearby. oh yeah, and he’s actually a 30yo actor who is balding, and i have to say, it’s pretty gross.

3. looks like christian is about to become a male escort.
4. and, the most normal of the group, sean, is dating a bulimic actress who just had gastric bypass surgery, hates her body, and took a dump in a hot tub. he is also being seduced by his ex-wife’s girlfriend’s 19yo daughter, who looks nothing like portia di rossi. then again who cares about details? nip/tuck doesn’t!
did i mention that between all these “plot points” there are at least 15 minutes of ridiculous sex scenes? naked bodies and melodramatic O faces left and right.
needless to say, i’ll be watching next week’s episode. i’m ready to throw in the towel with numb3rs (it’s about math! i thought i’d give it a chance), and i grow weary of a handful of other shows. plus college football is wrapping up, so i’m going to have a bit more time on my hands over the weekends. simultaneously sad and hopeful.

the world is pathetic

this story about a girl who committed suicide after her non-friend’s parents (and friend?) harassed her online, calling her fat and a slut, is probably one of the most depressing stories i’ve read in a while. what the hell.

there has also been a subsequent controversy of whether the local newspaper should have released the names of the offending parties (they didn’t). i usually side with the course of caution (say no to libel)–especially since, by reporting their names, the paper is also putting a big bullseye on this “family.” in any case, bloggers figured it out, and you can send your hatemail after going to this site.

the 12yo trapped within

i know i’m not supposed to blog about work stuff, but this is too good. we just got a new IM client to chat with coworkers (about work stuff, obviously …), and as i was trying to fiddle with the settings, i got this error message: “Server does not support VCards. Unable to save your VCard.”
that’s seriously hilarious. whoever wrote that message probably thinks he’s the funniest person in the world. and i agree.

jill of all trades

my schedule for the next couple days.

tonight: (hopefully) going to the michigan/georgetown basketball game at verizon center
tomorrow: fancy dinner and (hopefully) box seats at the kennedy center to see the national symphony orchestra (shostakovich and rimsky korsakov? sweet!)
saturday: flag football extravaganza, then likely drinking after
sunday: more flag football, some kickball, some drinking, then family din din time
monday: volleyball

i am a sports dynamo, with a little high culture thrown in there. add that to my intense tv watching habits, and we’ll call that a LIFE.