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TMI post: about doctors and STDs

this isn’t too gross, but i just thought i’d warn everyone first anyway.

went to the women’s-only doctor last week (if you know what i mean), and got my annual. obviously i’m not going to reveal details, but i found the nurse practitioner’s insistence that i get an HPV vaccine shot interesting. first of all, it’s nice that it’s covered (and they’re pushing it), considering it’s so controversial in the outside world.

the idea that giving preteens the HPV vaccine will somehow encourage them to have sex is stupid. no one refrains from having sex b/c they think they’re going to get HPV or cervical cancer. we kids don’t think that far ahead. (AIDS and babies is another issue)

anyway, i was just happy to see that it was so aggressively suggested and that my HMO was on top of that. i now have monster bruise on my upper arm for my troubles. i mentioned the appointment to my mom, which is always uncomfortable, but i didn’t mention the vaccine. i’m sure she’d approve, actually, but i didn’t want to open the door to some potentially really awkward questions. ick.

instead, i just post it all on my blog. ::shrug::

4 Responses to “ TMI post: about doctors and STDs ”

  1. kingkool68 said:

    Sounds like you’ve got some skunk in your junk.

  2. MikeForster said:

    When your family moved to America, I’m sure they were thinking “I can’t wait to provide a better life for my children and grand children in America, in which they will be able to freely blog about getting HPV vaccines for the rest of the world to see. What a country!”

  3. Cleperson said:

    500 bones for that vaccine over here. can i afford to be one less? maybe not. thanks school insurance. your the best.

  4. AJ said:

    It is no denying that most teens are engaging in unprotected sex nowadays, leaving them at risk of sexually transmitted diseases and even unplanned pregnancies.

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