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back and jetlagged

finally back! reasons why it’s nice to be home.

1. clean water. not worrying about horrible stomach issues is nice. although, as my cousin put it, drinking bad water is an “easy way to lose four pounds.” yes, just like bulimia.

2. cool weather. 80 degrees is cool weather.

3. central air.

4. no monsoons

5. no forced feedings. chinese tradition dictates you feed your guest near the point of projectile vomit. this occurred twice a day for the 9 days not spent in planes. needless to say, i’m currently fasting. luckily, one way to offset the calories in the philippines was for me not to drink. that means 13 days (and counting) of little to no drink. that’s a recent record.

6. alone time. actually, my roommate’s parents are staying with us right now, so it’s a full house, but just being in my office alone is nice. dealing w/ people 24/7 sucks.

7. berries. they don’t have berries in the philippines.

reasons why i’m sort of sad i’m back.

1. my family is nuts. this is amusing in its own way. i also found out my great grandfather had a concubine. this was in the 30s, when it was definitely not legal. sort of badass, sort of really sad for the two wives.

2. free food. and free everything. but then again, i wasn’t being paid.

3. drivers. all my relatives in the philippines have drivers. it’s a pretty insane road situation, but even better is that if you go to the mall, you get dropped off at the front, and then picked up from the same spot. beck and call, etc. sometimes it’s nice to be a big fish in a small pond. forget the fact that the country is dirt poor, corrupt, and miserable for most. they have drivers …

4. lastly, my $2 manicure/pedicure and super cheap massage. plus cheap white water rafting, free shooting range, and buying jewerly in a complex that resembles what imagine fort knox looks like.

this badass photo is just what i’m talking about:

more pics on facebook. not on fb? you don’t matter.

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  1. brownpau said:

    Yay, I matter!

    Ditto everything you said, except the forced feedings. Fortunately our family doesn’t engorge, but my grandparents used to encourage us to.

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