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devil’s night came and went

turns out, devil’s night, which i always assumed was a nationwide phenomenon of flame and destruction, is actually special to detroit. this is a belief i have held through college and it wasn’t until very recently that bringing in your decorations and taking cover on oct. 30th was not a common practice.

meanwhile, in DC the thing to do on the night before halloween is to go to the high heels race in adam’s morgan/dupont circle, when a bunch of drag queens run down 17th street and a very crowded populus watches on.

unfortunately, i didn’t see much (too crowded), and i got my camera stolen/lost to boot (sad sad sad). i’m already in the process of buying a new one, but at least i got to see a hairy fat man wearing a thong. weeee.

are there even 774 people who work for the FDA?

China Arrests 774 in Crackdown on Food and Drugs

ok, so there are actually more than 8,000 people who work for the FDA, but 774 is still a lot. just shows that china is very big. what they aren’t big on are acronyms. take for example the “General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection & Quarantine,” which shortens to GAQSIQ, as in, “that gak is so sick!” doesn’t lend itself much credibility.

latest pokemon news

pikachu’s a girl! (thanks, maggie, for the update)

look how happy she is!!

holy crap, facebook, you are god.

Microsoft to Pay $240 Million for Stake in Facebook

and that $240 million is for a 1.6% stake in the company.

The Microsoft investment throws the value of the holdings of Facebook investors into the stratosphere. Mark Zuckerberg, the 23-year-old Facebook founder who dropped out of Harvard to build the company, owns a 20 percent share which is now valued at $3 billion. Accel Partners, the venture capital firm that invested $12.7 million in May 2005 and owns 11 percent of Facebook, now holds stock worth $1.65 billion.

can you imagine getting into this at the bottom? any chance any of those guys are single? or girls. whatever.

and now that facebook has established ridiculous dominance in the social networking world, and only looks to grow even more, let’s pontificate on what will be the ultimate downfall of the holy roman empire. some ideas:

1. one of the ideas that has gone into play is that microsoft or facebook or whoever will target ads to what you write in your profile. so, if “mariah carey” is in your “favorite music,” the ads on your screen will show you albums from jojo or janet jackson or rihanna or whoever the hot new R&B thing is. this can be applied to almost any section of your profile.
it is also really creepy and could completely turn people off. it feels cheap and intrusive and very sell-out-ish. then again, gmail does it(reads your email and displays relevant ads), and their growth doesn’t seem to be stopping.

2. maybe facebook is a phase. maybe as we all get older, we really won’t use facebook anymore. maybe when we have kids, we’ll become old and grumpy and talk to our friends on the phone and write long e-mails once a month to catch up. as we fall off the social networking radar and don’t see the point in cleverly proving our friendship on fb walls, a new site will grab the attention of a younger generation, eventually making fb users a dying breed (literally). kind of like newspapers.

3. facebook changes so much it becomes unrecognizable. too many ads, too many colors, too many features. who knows what, but for some reason, zuckerberg decides to change something, and people just can’t stand it anymore.

anyone else have theories on the downfall of facebook? it could be 2 years, 5 years or 20 years from now.

i personally think #2 is most likely, but it won’t happen for quite a while. there are already high-schoolers obsessed with it, and their zeal should carry on well through college. i think myspace has had its time in the sun, but facebook’s longevity will prove to be much more impressive.

is this child abuse?

not sure, but it’s hilarious. it’s also the background of my computer right now. thanks jesse!

back and jetlagged

finally back! reasons why it’s nice to be home.

1. clean water. not worrying about horrible stomach issues is nice. although, as my cousin put it, drinking bad water is an “easy way to lose four pounds.” yes, just like bulimia.

2. cool weather. 80 degrees is cool weather.

3. central air.

4. no monsoons

5. no forced feedings. chinese tradition dictates you feed your guest near the point of projectile vomit. this occurred twice a day for the 9 days not spent in planes. needless to say, i’m currently fasting. luckily, one way to offset the calories in the philippines was for me not to drink. that means 13 days (and counting) of little to no drink. that’s a recent record.

6. alone time. actually, my roommate’s parents are staying with us right now, so it’s a full house, but just being in my office alone is nice. dealing w/ people 24/7 sucks.

7. berries. they don’t have berries in the philippines.

reasons why i’m sort of sad i’m back.

1. my family is nuts. this is amusing in its own way. i also found out my great grandfather had a concubine. this was in the 30s, when it was definitely not legal. sort of badass, sort of really sad for the two wives.

2. free food. and free everything. but then again, i wasn’t being paid.

3. drivers. all my relatives in the philippines have drivers. it’s a pretty insane road situation, but even better is that if you go to the mall, you get dropped off at the front, and then picked up from the same spot. beck and call, etc. sometimes it’s nice to be a big fish in a small pond. forget the fact that the country is dirt poor, corrupt, and miserable for most. they have drivers …

4. lastly, my $2 manicure/pedicure and super cheap massage. plus cheap white water rafting, free shooting range, and buying jewerly in a complex that resembles what imagine fort knox looks like.

this badass photo is just what i’m talking about:

more pics on facebook. not on fb? you don’t matter.

columbus day: celebrating smallpox and slavery

and packing for the philippines.

if there’s one perk about living and working in dc, it’s that the federal govt hates to work. that means, any semblance of a holiday is a day off. enter christopher columbus, who gets the bejesus protested out of in ann arbor, but earns a day of sabbath in the nation’s capital.

meanwhile, if ya’ll didn’t know, i’m heading overseas for 12ish days. i don’t know if i’ll be able to blog a lot, but i will pop in with updates here and there. it’s going to be a lot of family quality time, and i think it’s also monsoon season, so there’s something to look forward to.

one big reason for the trip is for my grandmother’s 85th bday party. per chinese tradition, i have to wear red. i found the most beautiful perfect dress in georgetown, but true to form, it was $850. dejected, i settled for a cheaper frock.

i also bought shoes, but am undecided of which of these two to wear. they are both red patent leather. considering the dress, any suggestions?

a lions game. a broken heart.

a trip to fedex field seemed like a good idea. not so much. some highlights, clearly none from the gameplay itself.

1. it was really hot and humid. apparently it got over 90. unbelievable. it was so hot i couldn’t even bring myself to drink too much booze. considering i saw 2 women pass out at the stadium, that $5 water i bought at halftime was the best investment of the day. it’s october people. GLOBAL WARMING. it’s real.

2. redskins fans really aren’t that bad. i only had a couple hecklers, but i mostly got condolences at the end of the game. and apparently the guy with the megaphone who called me fat, ugly, and slutty got his comeuppance. as one woman who recognized me later told me (i must have one of those memorable faces), “we kicked that drunk fool out. that just isn’t right.” how sweet.

3. because we got upgraded to club seats, we also got to go to the club seats afterparty. this involves cover bands and drunk yuppies awkwardly dancing or watching more football. talked to this 40 year old dude from taylor, mich., about our fantasy teams and did a lot of knuckle punching with despondent lions fans.

4. did you know john fogerty’s “centerfield” is the ultimate white man’s anthem? not only is there no better song to get a mob of middle aged white people with no sense of rhythm onto dance floor, but its lyrics are pretty apropos to the state of white people in major league sports (minus hockey). a whiny punk begging for playing time? of course white people love that song.

after the game, i worked at jcrew for a while (where the AC was broken, of course), then went to the bar for a short bit. if it weren’t for my savvy water consumption, i’d probably be dead right now. i followed it up with 10 hours of sleep. thank god it’s a long weekend.