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live from siberia, land of the crazy

two people sent me story links today involving siberia. weird.

1. from work matt: a reindeer herder found an incredibly intact baby mammoth.

the story then goes on to talk about jurassic park possibilities and also the “lucrative trade in ivory, skin, hair and other body parts” of animals.

2. from jesse: instead of actual mammoths, here we have a mammoth baby.
Siberian woman’s 12th child weighs in at 17 pounds

after having that many kids, i’m sure that woman has other things (parts) that are as mammoth as her latest baby. hiyo.

it’s a boy! she’s a fatty!

apparently mothers who gained a lot of weight before pregnancy are more likely to have a boy.

that’s good news for men trying to pass on the family name. too bad that henry VIII (and his wives) didn’t know that. could have saved england and the catholic church a lot of grief. then again, maybe america would never have been founded. something to think about.

“here baby, want some more ice cream? you are so beautiful…”

why words should not have genders

this is what happens when you don’t force people to just speak american.

Latino/a Studies hopes prof will boost profile
Chicana/o students given scholarships

i mean really? do adjectives really need gender? it just causes confusion, gender defensiveness, and ugly headlines. “hispanic” might work, but that’s just a little too un-pc. no one wins in this situation.

how opportunistic!

Sorority uses pregnancy suit to raise money for local agency

if anyone else thinks this is about a lawsuit somehow funding a good cause, then 1) you’re sick (like me) and 2) you’re wrong. click the link to find out what this is actually about …

the drama of intermediate coed volleyball

adding to the list of people i’ve emotionally ravished with painful honesty is volleyball captain dan, whose temper combined with lack of skill led to the displeasure of many and the revolt of just as many.

the full story goes something like this: i joined a craigslist volleyball team in january. it was all fine for about two games, when i realized dan was a total terror on the court. there is yelling (me) and then there is what i’d like to consider unproductive yelling (him). while members of my former coed IM team would probably disagree with positive assessment of myself, i think the consensus is that dan sucks.

anyway, after 3 seasons of despondent wins (yes. i was stressed out when we WON), maggie and i decided we were quitting the team and starting our own. we decided to stay in the same league and find players via craigslist.

none of this story is that extraordinary, except then we ran into not-arguably the best player on our team. he asked if we were playing vball in the fall. we sheepishly said yes, but not on dan’s team.
his eyes lit up.
him: “do you have room on your team?”
us: “what? you wanna join”
him: “YES. i hate dan.”
us: “um, OF COURSE.”
him: “and actually, kristin (another player, obv) will want to join. and maybe charlie.”
us: “HOT DAMN”

ok. so we didn’t actually say “hot damn” and we didn’t say everything in unison. but you get the gist.

that makes 4 people on this new team from the old. OOPS. we didn’t bother asking anyone else on that team because they were all friends from the old days, and we assumed pretty loyal. until …

we get this email:

Dan has quit volleyball—and Jay and I no longer have a team to play with. We heard you guys formed a new team. Do you need players?

he QUIT volleyball. not just this team, but the sport. it’s like part of him died inside.

in short, we totally broke the man. and i’m proud of it. our “new” team has only 1 person who is actually new. our team name is “hot mess.” the metro sports leagues will have no idea what hit them.

mandy moore > rihanna

great cover of umbrella. how it should have been done in the first place.

fall tv addendum

after visiting my tv guide podcast (highly recommended listening for tv junkies), i’m adding “pushing daisies” to my list. it’s about a guy (who supposedly is just like zachary levi from “chuck”) who can revive people from the dead with his touch. he then solves the mystery of who killed them, touches them again, and poof, re-dead. kind of reminds me of dead zone, but with a better lead, since i’m not a huge anthony michael hall fan (sorry coop. this video of hall dropping the n-bomb is pretty entertaining, though). anyway, pushing daisies has gotten decent reviews, so i’m curious.

lastly, more on “moonlight.” for any of you who are veronica mars fans (especially those of the fairer, smarter, more-put-together sex), jason dohring has joined the cast.

i wish the best to rest of the sadly dispersed VM crew. maybe i’ll even make separate google alerts on all you.

fall tv is here

and boy am i excited.

to add a steady stream of shows to my regular dose of law and order franchise and college/pro football, here i list the returning shows i’m eager to see return, the new ones i have high expectations for, and lastly a list of shows i wish i watched but think i’ve missed the boat. on top of that, a “review” of gossip girls.

first a review
jesse’s reaction to my excitement about gossip girl premiering tonight: “you know it’s just like the OC on the east coast?” well that might be giving a little too much credit. despite the lovely voiceover by kristen bell (i think she might be the morgan freeman of our generation), gossip girl is mostly droll schlock. the sloppy writing made me groan at least twice (ex.: Chuck: “I’m going to have to tell my parents the hotel they just bought is serving minors.” Serena: “And if you get a drink, they’re also serving pigs”), yet i’m bemused by the fish-out-of-water bro/sis pair (poor but in prep school? angst alert!) and impressed by the raciness of the content. so far, we’ve seen two attempted rapes, copious alcohol consumption by high schoolers, at least one baby pink teddy, and one blurry sex scene. i’m not sure if high schools like this even exist, but if they do, i wish i went to one. i’d be the asian girl wearing the disgusting feather gown with the ridiculous fringe bangs.

lastly for gossip girl, i’d just like ask, “separated at birth?” between the main bitchy character vs one of the lead girls in friday night lights. in that order:
leighton meester

minka kelly

minka’s voice is pretty brutal, but i only care about looks at this point. as with all things, actually.
gossip girl gets 2.5 out of 5 stars, and i give it 3 episodes before i lose interest. maybe i’ll just watch it until kristen bell makes her first appearance on heroes.

and now, long lists of tv shows, and some additional commentary to go with.

old shows
1. heroes: kristen bell (aka veronica mars) is a new hero. she apparently has an awesome power and will be on the show for at least six episodes starting in october. oh yeah, did i mention the show is awesome?
2. friday night lights: football + soap opera + matt saracen = delish. no billy bob thornton to be found.
3. law and order(s): SVU back on NBC, but criminal intent is showing new episodes on USA. i do love the commercials advertising the move, but damn, vincent d’onofrio has gained some weight. yikes.

new shows
1. chuck: horrible tagline (he’s the secret. she’s the agent), but “alias meets 25-year-old virgin” sounds intriguing enough. plus the virgin’s pretty good looking.
2. reaper: parents sell soul of their son to devil. hilarity ensues. many comparisons made to buffy, so i’m definitely in.
3. bionic woman: same creator as battlestar galactica, plus the villain is katee sackhoff (also from BSG). i got a sneak peak of the pilot; good action and solid acting (weakest link is the bionic woman), requiring just the right amount of suspension of disbelief. there’s a great girl-on-girl fight scene that was very buffy-esque (season 3, faith vs buffy), so once again, i’m on board. do you see a trend here?
4. gossip girl: see above for opinion
5. dirty sexy money: this is pretty trashy, but i’m a big peter krause fan (ever since sports night, which hasn’t actually been that long b/c i only watched the dvds last summer). plus, billy baldwin! instant credibility
6. women’s murder club: four women help each other solve murders. i think it’s on friday (terrible), but angie harmon (of law and order/jason seahorn fame) is one of the lead women. i’m thinking sex and the city, but solving horrific crimes. weeee
7. moonlight: something about vampires. check.

old shows i wished i watched
ugly betty

shows awaiting a mid-season return
battlestar galactica
law and order, the original

and while we’re on the topic, shows that i want to watch/catch up on
the company
the shield (all seasons except 4, which i’ve randomly seen)
the wire (season 4)
rome (season 2)

phew. i also have a job and a social life. i swear.