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the atlanta airport = definition of a clusterfuck

if you haven’t noticed from previous posts, the flight from chicago to atlanta did not go smoothly. after all was said and done, i had spent a full 7 hours on one plane. this is a flight that should take one hour and 49 minutes. they didn’t even feed us. and we all know how i get without food.
plus, you know it’s bad when—as you walk into the aircraft bathroom to pee—the flight attendant asks you to not flush b/c they’re trying to conserve water.

the only comfort i had was that everyone else going in to and coming out from that airport was suffering similarly. the customer service line looked horrible, the bathrooms were destroyed, and most tellingly, the airport bars were littered with empty glasses and beer bottles. so maybe they didn’t suffer, at least not immediately.

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  1. Jina said:

    i like getting wasted before flights. just sucks that minutes after take-off you have to immediately go pee. and the gay steward always gives you an attitude because you’re disrupting ‘snack service’. true story.

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