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penn state = worst fans ever

ohio state is the official rivalry, and their fans pretty much suck. notre dame is the most overrated team ever, plus most of those kids are total douchebags (south bend is also a shit hole. so many churches). but the team that flies under the radar in crappiness is penn state. they have the irrational exuberance of ohio state, but nothing to back it up. they are eternally bitter about not being very good, and they just whine a lot in general. i ran across this hilarious cover from their student paper. like the michigan daily, they put out tabloid-sized pullouts for each game (maybe just home games), and here’s the one from their game against michigan last year.

your “phantom seconds” made the second best game of my life.

3 Responses to “ penn state = worst fans ever ”

  1. J-Ho said:

    I’ve read that Grand Rapids, Mich., has more churches per capita than any other city in the country. People from there must be really fucked up.

  2. Maggical said:

    I don’t get it.

  3. alison said:

    well you didn’t go to michigan, did you? basically, in the 2005 michigan/psu matchup, the michigan coach argued (correctly) for a couple extra seconds onto the clock b/c it ran a little too long after some play. later, mario manningham caught the game-winning touchdown for michigan as time ran out, a play that never would have happened if it weren’t for the supposed “phantom seconds.” penn state’s undefeated season goes down in flames. hilarity ensues.

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