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gay marriage beats the environment

apparently, americans care more about gay marriage than the environment. at first glance, this is very upsetting to me. i could take a couple paragraphs and rant about how gay marriage is a stupid political issue (my libertarian stance is: WHO CARES. GET YOUR OWN LIFE IN ORDER), but after looking at the way the survey question was phrased and just calming down and thinking about it, i’m slightly less riled up. also slightly more disheartened.

protecting the environment and worrying about global warming (as opposed to oil dependence) is a concept that most people are just too apathetic/confused to care about. its effects don’t smack you in the face (unlike 3.10 at the pump … or two dudes making out). it takes research and diligence to really care about these things, and it takes someone who can worry about concepts very abstractly and very long term.

i don’t give people too much credit. they don’t really deserve it.

sorry for the incoherent rant. i’m too sleepy to fix.

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