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gay marriage beats the environment

apparently, americans care more about gay marriage than the environment. at first glance, this is very upsetting to me. i could take a couple paragraphs and rant about how gay marriage is a stupid political issue (my libertarian stance is: WHO CARES. GET YOUR OWN LIFE IN ORDER), but after looking at the way the survey question was phrased and just calming down and thinking about it, i’m slightly less riled up. also slightly more disheartened.

protecting the environment and worrying about global warming (as opposed to oil dependence) is a concept that most people are just too apathetic/confused to care about. its effects don’t smack you in the face (unlike 3.10 at the pump … or two dudes making out). it takes research and diligence to really care about these things, and it takes someone who can worry about concepts very abstractly and very long term.

i don’t give people too much credit. they don’t really deserve it.

sorry for the incoherent rant. i’m too sleepy to fix.

football is almost here

nfl preseason games sort of suck, so they don’t count.

tonight is the first set of games (which i sadly won’t be able to watch), but all the stories running up to the season start have got me giddy. if you, too, want to get hyped, here goes:

mike hart suffers tragedy. mike hart overcomes. mike hart is the man.
i’m such a sucker for this human interest story, especially when it shows a guy with some integrity.

fate has dictated that joey harrington will start for the atlanta falcons. he is a very good-looking pianoman with a (from what i can tell) hot wife. gay men also love him.

few of you guys probably care about UVA football (plus they’re not incredibly good, sorry maggie), but another “ali is a loser” story piqued my interest the other night. i think i just like the love story at the end between the 22-year-old inside linebacker and his wife (they connected at church!) kind of young, if you ask me, but makes for good reading.

penn state = worst fans ever

ohio state is the official rivalry, and their fans pretty much suck. notre dame is the most overrated team ever, plus most of those kids are total douchebags (south bend is also a shit hole. so many churches). but the team that flies under the radar in crappiness is penn state. they have the irrational exuberance of ohio state, but nothing to back it up. they are eternally bitter about not being very good, and they just whine a lot in general. i ran across this hilarious cover from their student paper. like the michigan daily, they put out tabloid-sized pullouts for each game (maybe just home games), and here’s the one from their game against michigan last year.

your “phantom seconds” made the second best game of my life.

if i see another superbad review

with a horrible pun in its headline … let’s just say i’ll be annoyed.

ok headline writers. i am one of you. and i’m not impressed. if you think writing that superbad is “super good” or “kinda ok” is clever, then welcome to the rest of the world that thinks the same thing. you’re only “pretty much average.” grow up.

ever had a beluga whale shat toward your face?

hotlanta is a toasty town, so me and the fam headed to the georgia aquarium to cool off and look at some fish. i’m more into eating fish than looking at them (although we did go to a seafood restaurant right after. how morbid), but apparently the atlanta one is the biggest aquarium in the _____.
after paying 24(!) dollars to get into the place, we see some neato sea creatures and wander to the beluga whales. look ma! an alien:

i was surprisingly interested until the damn thing decided to take a huge dump all over the tank glass. i am sad to report i did not get a pic of that.
i took the catastrophic event as a sign to depart (more like a huge “get the eff outta here”), and so we went back to the hotel to prepare for a delicious seafood dinner.

the atlanta airport = definition of a clusterfuck

if you haven’t noticed from previous posts, the flight from chicago to atlanta did not go smoothly. after all was said and done, i had spent a full 7 hours on one plane. this is a flight that should take one hour and 49 minutes. they didn’t even feed us. and we all know how i get without food.
plus, you know it’s bad when—as you walk into the aircraft bathroom to pee—the flight attendant asks you to not flush b/c they’re trying to conserve water.

the only comfort i had was that everyone else going in to and coming out from that airport was suffering similarly. the customer service line looked horrible, the bathrooms were destroyed, and most tellingly, the airport bars were littered with empty glasses and beer bottles. so maybe they didn’t suffer, at least not immediately.

reporting from knoxville

adding onto my whirlwind tour of the US, i am now sitting in the same plane as before, but this time in knoxville, tenn. rain apparently wants to fall wherever i am, so in an effort to not fall out of the sky as we run out of gas waiting for the atlanta airport to let us land, we diverted to tennessee’s third largest city.

anyway, this is not that interesting and i’m not even that upset or frustrated. it is what it is. what was interesting was halfway in the middle of the flight, a funky smell decided to permeate throughout the cabin. smelled like a fire or chemical leak or something. it was pretty stinky, and potentially dangerous, and i can’t think of a better thing to do than what our three fair flight attendants did: aka PANIC. they ran around, checked the overhead compartments, made everyone peek into their bags, and generally created a great sense of unease. i was worried they would land the plane because of it.

happened anyway. gr.

reminds me of the time a guy had a seizure on a flight to san jose. we had to stop in albuquerque to get this moron off the plane. is it mean to call someone who just had a seizure a moron? no, not if he’s an epileptic and had pills and didn’t take them, and then inconvenienced 200 people along the way. note to sick people: take your pills.

gate A4B at chicago midway

jesus. did hurricane dean make its way to chicago?

i’m currently sitting in the third row from the back of airtran flight 933, waiting to go to atlanta. it’s pouring cats, dogs, giraffes, etc. and i’ve been delayed at least 45 min. that means i have lots of time to blog. LUCKY YOU.

i have nothing funny to report from madison. we stayed at a so-so hotel in the middle of the campus bars. we drank. we met girls named megan. i was complimented on my shoes. normal day all around.

i’m happy to report zach and i have not killed each other. and that my feet have shrunk back to normal size. stay tuned for pictures.