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ohio …

is the worst state ever. some intern “lost” 800,000 social security numbers, and is getting blamed for it.
“I was a victim of a random car theft and now I am the scapegoat for the State of Ohio” he says.
so not worth the $10.50 an hour. his first mistake was being in ohio in the first place.

speaking of states, this is an awesome site. state-tris! the hard level is actually really hard. truth in advertising.

the funny thing about botulism …

is that it’s the main ingredient in botox, the stuff that rich, bored housewives (and everyone else) inject in their faces to look young and immovable.

everyone loves it until it shows up in canned chili, and makes children (oh the children!) sick.

lessons learned:
poison in face = good
poison in canned meet = bad

raining cats and dogs

lots of random pet news/sites today. i don’t even like animals, but i thought the deluge of info was a sign from god.

maggie, part god, sent me one of these two cute sites that even i can appreciate: stuff on my cat and stuff on my mutt. i especially like the pics that involve beer bottles and boxes. (cats and beer! funny!)

next is the grim reaper cat, which isn’t as funny as “death” on family guy, but definitely more creepy.

apparently the cat predicts when hospice patients die. i offer an alternate theory: this cat actually kills people. that is so not cute.

lastly, i half-wrote a post for my work blog about cats and dogs and full moons. i will link once the posts go live. check for updates.

UPDATE: papertrail link to dogs, cats, full moons and a joke about menstruation. you can’t wait. i can tell.

the end (of facebook) is near?

the ongoing legal saga between ubergeek mark zuckerberg and three other nerds could potentially lead to the shutdown of the lifeblood known as facebook.

zuckerberg is accused of being an overall jerkface:

The owners of a rival social networking Web site are trying to shut down, charging in a federal lawsuit that Facebook’s founder stole their ideas while they were students at Harvard.
The three founders of ConnectU say Mark Zuckerberg agreed to finish computer code for their site, but repeatedly stalled and eventually created Facebook using their ideas.
The lawsuit’s allegations against Zuckerberg include fraud, copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. It asks the court to shut down Facebook and give control of the company and its assets to ConnectU’s founders.

if it’s true, then down w/ “switching to guns” zuckerberg. however, do these three really want to be the dudes that destroyed a multitude of social lives? that tainted the veil of web 2.0’s messiah? that ended a rich, white, well educated era?
that’s even too much responsibility for me.

our government funds this research

and it makes me cry. an e-mail i got from a co-worker today.

Mizzou Study Shows That Possessing a Fake ID Results in More Drinking by Underage College Students

COLUMBIA, Mo. – For college students under the age of 21, possessing a fake ID is a tell-tale sign of underage drinking.

making a joke here = too easy

Over the course of four semesters, fake ID ownership increased from 12.5 percent to 32.2 percent among students younger than the legal drinking age.
The study also revealed that students belonging to fraternities or sororities were more likely to own a fake ID.

score one for the greek system.

editors and writers

i’ve been both, and everything i’ve ever wanted to say about the experiences, even as they continue to happen, appear here in this article.

Some utopians may dream that an anarcho-Wikipedia model will prevail, that a vast self-correcting democracy of amateurs will end up pointing readers to the most worthwhile pieces. But that is only “editing” in its crudest, most general form — it’s really sorting. In the chaotic new online universe, the old-fashioned, elitist, non-democratic system of sorting information will become increasingly important, if only because it enforces a salutary reduction of the sheer mind-swamping number of options available. The real problem is glut, and it’s only going to get worse.

worst name for a serious publication, ever

bend weekly news

protest fun

if there’s anything that dc-ites love to do, it’s protest. here is a nice picket line that’s going on one block from my house.

i talked to one of the union organizers at this protest, and above the chants (“who’s the rat? BOOOOOOOOO. who’s the rat? BOOOOOOOOOOO!”) he said they were protesting low wages, shady practices, scab workers, the whole anti-union bag of tricks.
these carpenters work for form construction (obv), who have been contracted by the building’s property manager (don’t know) who is renting the space out to, get this, the associated press. now i haven’t been able to confirm this with a cursory google search, but if it’s true, then that’s ridiculous. since when were unions and the crazy liberal media on opposite sides?
but to be completely self-centered, it’s kind of cool that the associated press is going to have offices one block from my apt.