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survey shows majority of people stupid

the detroit free press: “A majority of people recently surveyed by the Chrysler Group don’t know what the glove box was named after.”

it’s a box in your car where people left their gloves. …


The survey, conducted by Ipsos Insight, also found that 84% of the people no longer use the box to hold gloves.

remember that last pair of driving gloves you bought? right. you didn’t.

not an actual condemnation of christians

but check out this washington post story about the shiloh baptist church, the black church in shaw that owns a handful of vacant and gross properties on the block.

why is this important/interesting? because i (and jesse and coop, who sent me the story) used to live across the street. we were surrounded by this church’s vacant lots. not to mention we actually lived next to a crackhouse. not a fake “what a rundown dump” crackhouse, but a shady place where many many illicit substances were sold. anyway, this is also sort of interesting to you ann arbor-ites who might remember rob goodspeed, of michigamua-crusading, fame. he was a neighbor (small world), and he’s mentioned in the story for a blog post he wrote.

there are so many ways to discuss the issue of shaw, its slumliness, its eventual and inevitable gentrification, and what that means for shiloh, but where to even start? shiloh’s domination of “le slum historique” ended the moment the city decided to build the convention center 3 blocks away. mayor fenty wants to make a good impression to all the outsider conventioners, and vacant and dilapidated buildings just aren’t going to cut it.

the word “gentrification” (especially the white kind) sends shivers down my spine, but i’m finding it increasingly hard to defend a church that does nothing (and even loses money) on its own property. perhaps white people will invade, but they are (i must admit) slightly better than the rats and roaches that occupy the buildings now.

there must be a way to both clean up shaw and maintain its black roots. my suggestion was to partner up with howard university, and offer affordable housing to students. since middle class black people aren’t too different from middle class white people (aka, they move to the suburbs), and shiloh is going to lose the gentrification war, they need to start thinking about how they can save as much culture as they can, before the convention center monster consumes everything in sight.

mika who?

so some chickie from MSNBC stands up to her producers and refuses to lead with the paris hilton story.

good for her, but the commenters who are treating her like the next coming are naive. as cynical as i am about this clip, i do enjoy watching joe scarborough look like a total ass-hat. this guy used to be a congressman. doesn’t take much these days.

EDIT: in my excitement over this clip, i didn’t mention that joel actually sent it to me. “right up your alley,” he told me, whatever alley that is. this is a relatively hopeful video you’ve sent me. unless you just enjoyed watching scarborough suck. then it’s not so hopeful.

ex-marine, golden glove iron worker

sound like the perfect person to pickpocket?

even though this guy is 72, he’s still pretty scary-looking. luckily the pickpocket immediately got the shit kicked out of him. hopefully he got hit in the nuts so he can’t procreate any more dumb criminals.

Happy Hour legislation

have you ever heard of this? i haven’t until recently, apparently some states and counties and cities have taken it upon their puritanical selves to limit the kind of drinking and drink specials bars can offer during prime consumption hours, i.e. 5pm and on. most notable culprit: massachusetts in 1984. this seriously explains so much about boston. oklahoma tried to do something similar two years ago. when will this insanity end?

big skunk blog news

this is special to almost no one, but i recently realized that all my links were doing this annoying thing that when you click it, it changes the current window you’re at to the destination. i will fix this from here on out so that the next site opens in a new window or tab. you may all rejoice now, and you’re apple/ctrl key can have a little bit of a rest.

also, if anyone knows how to do the same thing to the links in the right rail (in blogger), let me know. that is a bit beyond my capabilities at this point.

and if you know nothing about computers and code, just disregard all the jibberish i just wrote. i suppose i could have warned you before.


today was a going away party for one of beloved coworkers. we celebrated with food and drink and fudgecicles, and now i’m riding out the rest of the day, slouched in my chair wearing sunglasses and coming up something witty to put up on facebook. i’m tired as hell b/c i was assembling ikea furniture till 5 in the morning. i almost ran into a wall, and by the time i got lunch, i was so hungry and insane that i “missed” my food and bit my lip and drew quite a bit of blood.

here is me literally 4 minutes ago. TIME TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is a terrible place to gripe about this, but does it bug anyone that “Facebook” gets flagged in fb’s spell check? i mean, clearly the word exists, at least in the fb world.

oh yes, and i’m also pissed about poverty, crime, genocide, terrorism, apathy, and paris hilton’s jail time.