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jesse says i’m too angry

damn right.

Bush Calls for Global Emissions Goals

President Bush today outlined what he described as a new initiative to combat global warming, calling on other nations to work with the United States in setting a long-term goal by the end of 2008 for reductions in greenhouse gases.

dear bush, welcome to the party that many many many of your counterparts have already been at for years. congrats on realizing the glaringly obvious and for doing what requires little imagination.
we all give you a pat on the back for your success. gold star. you’ve earned an extra 10 minutes of recess.

and finally, something i can agree with christian conservatives about:
Bush Requests $30 Billion to Fight AIDS
instead of oppressing people, they now want to help. how excellent.

if you had a highly contagious, hard-to-kill, deadly form of TB

and health officials said, “don’t get on that plane or you might start a worldwide epidemic.” what would you do?

hop on a plane for paris, bitches! and when they try to quarantine you in italy, you definitely should evade the no-fly ban they placed on you and hightail it to canada.

The man is now at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta under federally enforced isolation after he was flown there from New York City on Monday in a plane owned by the C.D.C. He told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he was planning to undergo an intensive 18-month treatment at a hospital in Denver, and that he did not understand why he was not ordered into isolation before he left for his wedding in Europe.

“I’m a very well-educated, successful, intelligent person,” said the man, who declined to give his name. “This is insane to me that I have an armed guard outside my door when I’ve cooperated with everything other than the whole solitary confinement in Italy thing.

ok asshole, they DID tell you not to go, and what do you expect when you ran away from italia? idiot.
to be honest, i actually understand his decision to go paris. it was his wedding and all, so we’ll give him a pass on that. but to go through all that effort to evade a no-fly ban, OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A BIG DEAL. americans are dumb.

one more reason to hate humankind

this is seriously infuriating, but at least these retards are fighting on the wrong side. the worst part is that the only sane person in this whole clip is the ohio state anthropologist. making ohio state look good. way. to. go.

(thanks andy for the tip. miss ya)

what’s more disgusting?

1. the piston’s game 4 loss against the cavs?
2. or gooden’s ugly back-stache?

really inappropriate jokes

i’m pretty sure odd things have happened to me this week, but i’ve been too friggin busy to think of them.

so i leave you with this headline from “there’s a reason you’re the ivy league bottom dweller” dartmouth.

IFC (Inter-Fraternity Council) requires sexual assault training.

it explains so much!

in other sexual assault-related news, michigan’s beta chapter (beta theta wanna rape-ya) was shut down for alcohol related offenses. it’s about time.

and even more: a man was apprehended for indecent exposure at UCSB, a sex crime (at least in michigan).

According to a University of California Police Department press release, McDonald scheduled an appointment with a female academic advisor to receive assistance filling out graduate school applications, however, the meeting took an abrupt change when the student unexpectedly exposed his penis.
The faculty member then ordered McDonald to return his penis to his pants and leave the facility.

i wish i was the one who got to write that last sentence.

pick your poison

would you rather die of a heart attack caused by a diabetes drug?
would you rather die of a heart attack caused by diabetes?

decisions, decisions.

ohio state still sucks …

but this headline in its school paper tickled me slightly:

Crew bombed by Red Bulls
columbus’s MLS team lost to new york’s, which is awesomely named after the grotesque energy drink.
get it? bombed? red bull? wasted?

RIP veronica mars

CW, you MURDERERS who killed my beloved spunky blonde detective. why why why. the only consolation is that she is going to be narrator of gossip girl. considering VM’s fondness for voice-over, she is going to become the morgan freeman of teen dramedy.

in other media happenings, two genius sports headlines.
Royals To Get A Taste Of Angels’ Colon
Yankees’ Wang hit hard by Rangers
Even better, check out the picture that goes with.

plus, a bonus video: worst movie scenes ever.

thx to coop, allen, will, and jesse.