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PSA: there is an assload of caffeine in CVS menstrual relief pills

around 3pm today i began literally running around the office going crazy. i was really hyper, couldn’t sit still, and was talking really fast. i even mentioned to another intern that i felt as if i were having heart palpitations. i thought back to what i had consumed today: 2 bananas, handful of pretzels, carton of red beans and rice, a small bag of reese’s pieces, and one 8 oz cup of coffee. what the hell was wrong with me?

i then remembered i had also taken 3 pills for cramps. (TMI? get over it) i checked the label, and lo and behold, there are 60 mg of caffeine in each pill. caffeine is a diuretic, which would be a boon for bloating, but caffeine is also a CRAZY DRUG, and almost killed me today.

for some perspective, there are 55 mg of caffeine in one can of mountain dew, 80 mg in redbull. if you include the coffee i drank (appx 100 mg), i consumed upwards of 280 mg of caffeine in about 4 hours. that’s almost 1 red bull an hour. “jitters” doesn’t even come close to describing it.

lesson from today: check drug labels. and get rid of my uterus.

One Response to “ PSA: there is an assload of caffeine in CVS menstrual relief pills ”

  1. Jessica said:

    omg, yes! i’m so sorry that happened. my caffeine consumption lately has driven me to sweating, heart palpitations, overwhelming nervousness, trembling muscles (legs especially), and an inability to focus. and yet i couldn’t live without it…

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