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insert cliche about hotness here

thank you jesse for sending me a link to The Beautiful Room, a dallas social club that is exclusively for, you guessed it, beautiful people.

a lot of these people are seriously hot, but most i’d say are above average, if not overtanned porn stars. i suggest taking a peek at the “beautiful pictures” if you want some fun.
even better, is reading these two articles about the group. one is by the dallas observer, an alt weekly, and the other is by details, the men’s magazine un-differentiate-able from other men’s magazines.
from details: A year-old social club in Dallas, The Beautiful Room is open only to people deemed attractive by Martini and a panel of judges. The concept is simple enough. “When you go to a bar, maybe only 5 percent of the people in there are people you’d want to talk to,” says Martini, 32, lounging on a red velvet couch at a Dallas restaurant called Dragonfly, where he’s nursing the cocktail that shares his name. His hair is messy in an orderly way, and he has the kind of tan that takes work. “What if you could go to a place where everyone in there was that 5 percent?”
and the observer: “The way I understand it, the couple decided that they were so beautiful and their friends were so beautiful and they had such “beautiful experiences” with these beautiful friends, why not just have a club full of beautiful people? And hell, while we’re at it, let’s charge ’em for it. As the founder put it to me during my introductory phone interview: “Have you ever been in a club and wished you could get rid of half the people in the room?” At that point, I hadn’t. But after nights out with the TBR crowd at Sense and the Candle Room, I started to identify with the sentiment.”

as much as i agreed with the observer POV, sounding like an angry, self-righteous bitch is unbecoming for a writer. i prefer the sincerity with which details approached the subject matter, and when he did take some pot shots, he did it cleverly enough that the TBR idiots didn’t even know what hit them. like stealing someone’s kidney while they he slept. or something.

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  1. Andy "Wang2K" Wang said:

    man i wish i could join this club

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