Skunkgal - Too Much Skunk In Your Junk

dear DC taxis, i think we need a break to really get to know ourselves better

ever since i found out i could expense cab rides to us news-related events, i’ve passionately latched onto the concept. 3 cab rides in 2 days. here are their stories:

1. first ride, pretty average. awkward silence etc.
2. second ride, i get in and am hit with a distinct smell. urine. riding from the hill to georgetown takes about 15 minutes and the whole time i wanted to vomit. the windows were down, but certainly not b/c it was a nice day (although it was). someone came into that cab, with some extra-yellow pee, and just took it to town. also the driver had some monstrous hands, which i actually think is a genetic disorder so i won’t make fun, but it was interesting, to say the least.
3. third ride, i sit down and the driver tells me how happy he is that i got in his cab. he lavishes me with compliments etc and i decide i love him. then he tells me what he thinks about gay people. that he used to think that gay guys are just the ones who are too ugly to get women, so they have to settle for men. but this is of course confusing b/c the gay men in DC are very good looking, so now his whole worldview is askew. he says how there are soooo many single women in DC, but very few single men (his estimate 4:1), but assures me that i will have no problem finding someone to marry. thanks cab driver. very reassuring.

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