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a survey of cable tv

what’s on tv at 1 a.m.? here’s what

two, two, different episodes of the cosby show. that rudy is so cute, getting lost in the mall and then break dancing w/ denise and theo. oh wait. separate episodes. oh wait, is that blair underwood? hot.

two episodes of 24, plus a larry king interview w/ the season 6 cast. why do people care about what actors think about their characters? it’s like asking puppets to talk about the strings that pull them. THEY JUST SAY THE LINES. if you want to know more about the characters and the plot, you ask the director, creator, and writers. more often than not, listening to actor interviews ruins all allure the fake characters have. why go there?

five different home decorating shows. jesus. who watches this stuff? besides me, that is.

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