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johnnie cochran + football = superbowl XLI

since the superbowl is making history this year, anyone want to take bets on how much they play up the two black coaches thing? and how that’s somehow relevent to prince being the halftime show? there’s a joke there somewhere. i’ll take suggestions.

jennifer clayton update

thank you ty, for making my day/month/year. check out the new comment on an old post!

UPDATE 1/31/07: another jennifer clayton post, from a random jennifer clayton. you can bet i was really scared when i read on gmail, “jennifer clayton has left a new comment on your post “i hate jennifer clayton”…”

i thought ty had ratted me out, but apparently there just has been a flurry of “jennifer clayton” activity on google. very odd.

me + animals + my financial information = animosity

i pay one of my online bills through

the mascot for this site is a golden retriever, and a photo of him is on every page of this website.

the site’s tagline is “Scout, the CheckFree Bill Retriever is ready to fetch for you – free!”

I HATE PAYING BILLS ON THIS SITE. the fact that i’m doing important transactions and trusting my personal information on a site that has a stupid dog on it really really bugs me. geico and aflac can kiss my ass too.

death to my computer

days after getting the internet back, my computer decided to freak out and bust a lightbulb. it’s w/ the apple people now. this will likely slow blog posts, especially during the weekend. in happier news, i’ll be getting a whole new screen on my computer. woohoo? an excerpt from my trip to apple:

me: my computer is broken
girl: what’s wrong w/ it?
me: the light’s out, but i can still make out vague images
girl: oh, your inverter is probably broken
me: ….
girl: ….
me: what (the fuck) is an inverter?


girl: so do you want the flat rate repair rate? or part by part?
me: which one’s cheaper?
girl: probably the flat rate
me: that one
girl: do you want the data transfer?
me: is it extra?
girl: yes
me: then no
girl: do you want extra coverage?
me: is that extra money?
girl: yes
me: then definitely no … don’t you see a trend here?
girl: yes
me: ok good. (smart girl)

more thoughts on the oscars

maybe there is a perfectly good explanation for this, but why is Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan up for an award in the “best adapted screenplay” category? what, exactly, is this adapted from? that one best selling book by borat? or clearly this is a remake of a ’70s classic.

also a fun note, in the foreign film category is “water” which comes to our shores from the very foreign canada. unless it’s from quebec, i think it should be DQ’d. foreign films must have subtitles. it’s an official rule.

edit: water apparently has non-white people in it. i guess it counts.

and for the record, this is the list of the movies that are nominated that i have yet to watch. any takers in the DC area?

pan’s labarynth
the queen
the last king of scotland
half nelson
notes on a scandal
the illusionist

notes on a below average life

i think i’ve done this before, but i can’t help feeling a little angsty about my position in life. abigail breslin, the chubby cute girl from “little miss sunshine” is nominated for an oscar. she is 10. sigh.

in 5th grade … i was asking my teacher whether it was fair that people had to say “under god” in the pledge of allegiance if they didn’t believe in god. i guess i was advanced, but i didn’t get an oscar nod for my troubles.

the worst part of living on the 3rd floor of a tall house …

is that the fridge is all the way downstairs.

which is why winter is amazing. i use my window ledge as a fridge/freezer. right now, i’ve got applesauce, some pudding, and cranberry juice an arm’s length away. genius. pictures to come.

we know we’re in trouble if judge judy is # 13

forbes ranked the 20 richest women in entertainment. not surprisingly, oprah was #1. judge judy made the list, too, which raises a whole slew of questions, most of which were answered by wikipedia.

it’s sad that such low-brow (not that i’m a connoisseur of the high-brow) entertainment is one of the few ways that catapults women into wealth. if it weren’t for oprah and martha there’d be no executives or directors or producers or anyone with any real power on this list.

speaking of low brow, britney spears is # 12.