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mary sue, won’t you blog for me?

the nytimes has a story about university presidents’ blogging.

it’s a pretty sweet idea, if you ask me. even michigan state’s prez does it. i’d even read it, and i don’t even like reading blogs (besides my own, of course). here is a sample of my fantasy mary sue coleman blog.

posted 8:05 a.m.: just had a brueggers bagel with some deelish strawberry jam. i really can’t believe they closed that einstein’s on state street. i really should get that re-opened, and even better, in the union so i can use entree plus! it IS fake money and all. i really miss that asiago with garden vegetable cream cheese.

posted 10:05 a.m.: ugh. finally got to the office. ken has been a real bitch lately. must be that tough homework he’s been struggling with. some women’s studies course. how typical, sucking it up in studying women.

posted 4:50 p.m.: now that diversity is illegal, i had to spend the whole day thinking of how to get minorities into michigan. recruiting is clearly the key. i need a new handle. how’s mary S dot cole mizzle. has a nice ring to it. i also can expense out the 2007 escalade – gotta protect my rep and all.

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  1. FOMB said:

    this is totes ridic.

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