Skunkgal - Too Much Skunk In Your Junk

i suck at blogging

i really do.

i don’t do it often enough, and i’m too easily distracted.

take, for instance, the michigan/OSU game. it completely took over my sense of humor. i could make no online jokes because of it. and now b/c i’m devastated, i still sort of can’t.

on a separate note, i tried dyeing my hair red today, and it only kinda worked. now my hair is brownish w/ a hint of red. i want unnatural red, but it seems the only way that’s gonna happen is if i go to a salon and get it bleached or something. should i? or shouldn’t i? to be honest, i’m scared. i’m as afraid of bleach or peroxide as i am of dying alone with lots and lots of cats. i don’t even like cats and can’t think of a reason i’d have them, but i’m afraid of dying with them nonetheless. in short, i’m afraid of commitment.

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