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only OK if you’re spelunking

if the day comes when i start to think that wearing one of these while i take a nighttime stroll is OK, please, take it off my head and beat me with it.

no, i would not like to be the woman in my subdivision powerwalking with a forehead-mounted flashlight. is it so hard to just carry a regular one? or walk in the day? to make matters worse, her husband was with her. i mean, one person is a mistake, two people walking around with that thing strapped on is a travesty.

face for radio

both the best and worst thing about talk radio or podcasts is the anonymity of their speakers. best because it allows me to glamorize the faces behind the voices. i can let my imagination run wild and really create an image just from talking. the worst is when you actually look at the faces behind the voices. talk about a fantasy dashed.

case in point: one of the commentators on one of my favorite podcasts. she sounds cute and bubbly and ditzy. she sounds like this:

from what i could tell, she was cute, maybe not hot, but cute.
the reality:


in other talk radio commentary. i LOVE npr’s science friday. my favorite is when host ira flatow just rips into the token anti-science pundit. (for instance, in the discussion of global warming legislation in cali, he just rips into the pro-industry mouthpiece who was just thrown to the wolves). love it when ira sounds super pissed. such passion. so hot.

here’s what he looks like, for the record:

look how manly.

don’t hate to see you go, ms. flow

a birth control pill that would get rid of your period indefinitely? amazing.

the story says: “But in the end, for reasons both medical and cultural, it’s not clear that putting the kibosh on the curse is a good idea.”
how wrong you are ms. richards. if my connection to women has something to do w/ monthly anemia, then i think i’ll hang w/ the boys.

some would have us believe jim tressel is a woman

i thought i had seen one of the most clever michigan football shirts EVER when i saw the “tressel drinks wine coolers” one.

but then, along came “tressel wears uggs,” which is about 20 times better. not only does it argue that tressel is quite girly, but it also points out that he has terrible fashion sense. all this proves that ohio sucks.

brownie the cow

i have no funny comment b/c the whole thing is too ludicrous in the first place.

the nytimes story and the parents’ site.

why couldn’t they publish about real sports?

you be the judge, should i work as a “book compositor” (whatever that is) for a sports press company that focuses on cycling, marathon running and skiing (all sports i have absolutely no interest in) and publishes titles such as, “Deadroll: A Cycling Murder Mystery?”

i’m leaning toward no, but then again, i might start drafting my cover letter tomorrow.

clinique’s skeet

in bob herbert’s incoherent rant about misogyny in the new york times the other day, he mentions the pervasive “disrespectful, degrading, contemptuous treatment of women.” while i don’t necessarily disagree, he cites a particular advertisement for a beauty product.
“An ad for Clinique moisturizing lotion shows a woman’s face with the lotion spattered across it to simulate the climactic shot of a porn video.”

what? porn? there is a clinique ad that looks like a chick just got the money shot? so i searched for it.

the results:

for the record, i googled “clinique money shot” in the images section to find this. and i have to say, this is a very ineffective ad. Adrants says it even better.

i also feel like eating banana pudding right now. gross? probably.

the toilet enterprise?

on, there is a posting for a position at the “los banos enterprise.”

i thought it was a joke. apparently, it’s only a joke for people living in los banos, CA. i can’t imagine their property values are very high.