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the problem w/ family weddings

dear diary

went to a wedding yesterday. it was sooooo magical and great!

i met some cute boys, fun, funny, nice, etc.

but, oops. teehee, they were related to me. hate when that happens.

oh well. it’s no big deal, though. right?


the photo line up

everyone has a celebrity counterpart. so who’s mine?

once upon a time, some people (mostly men) said i looked like jessica alba. i find that hard to believe, but you decide for yourself.

then, once upon a long time ago, i was compared to stephanie, from full house, aka jodie sweetin. just imagine her w/ dark hair and slanty eyes.

but alas … this is where i think i draw the most resemblance.

the finishing touch is the remnants of food surrounding this guy. delish.

goodbye boston

we sometimes didn’t get along, but i’ll sort of miss you. but mostly not.

i will miss, however, my guardian angel. he lived on the balcony across the way, and i always knew he was watching over me. cute, right?

if you don’t know how to squeeze

then you better learn! or else this sign will be very mad at you.

i got you good jennifer clayton

i got you good, sort of. in my quest to ruin her name, i’ve half succeeded. unfortunately, “jennifer clayton” is a pretty common name. there is some TV producer (who has produced 2 worthless shows) and a swim coach in boise, idaho.

however, my blog is the 14th hit. YES.

even more happily, if you search “jennifer clayton michigan,” yours truly is number one! this is good news, friends. if you want, please google “jennifer clayton,” find my blog, and click on it. i think it will boost the listing even more if enough people do it.

to all you who have had shitty roommates, unite with me! power to the people. the spiteful, evil people.

poor pluto

my brother’s away message:

“haha pluto got owneddddd”

he’s so funny. makes me proud.

Mary Sue, you’re a star

friday’s globe will feature a story about a betting website,, that has odds and bets on who will be harvard’s next president in the wake of larry summers’s resignation.

Michigan’s own Mary Sue Coleman has better odds, in a pool of 17, than Cornell Provost Carolyn Martin, former Harvard provost and current president of the Institute of Medicine Harvey V. Fineberg, University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann … and former Michigan president, Lee C. Bollinger.

i always knew she had that speshul sumthin.

i think i will name my child "Peipei Wu Wishnow"

on the 2nd to last day of work at the globe, i discovered a very cool file listing at least 1,000 (1,000!!) people who have names that aptly describe their jobs or attribution. a very small sampling:

Bonnie Beaver, animal behaviorist
Dr. Michael Prober, medical researcher
Shady Blackwell, police chief of Lempster, N.H.
Michael Landfear, victim of drowning
General Goon, government officer in Liberia
Robert F. McWeeny, Connecticut Superior Court judge involved in sex-abuse cases (June 14, 2002).
David Lackey, spokesman for Senator Olympia Snowe.
Uzi Landau, Israeli security minister
Dr. Ornella Semino, researching chromosomes of primordial European males
Peipei Wu Wishnow, founder of “herbal Viagra”
Glorious Fealing, investigator on Wrentham sexual harassment case

i think “Robert F. McWeeny” probably would have a lot of trouble, no matter what his job. and Dr. Prober should have been a proctologist.